About us

Pepper Boutique began deep into the owner, Maizy's, dreams and career goals.  In her senior year at Iowa State University, she began developing her plan for Pepper to make her dream of owning her own store a reality.  After months and months of planning, Pepper finally came to life.  

Opening in the Summer of 2019, Pepper features super cute, really rad, and most importantly... affordable options for every occasion you can think of.  

We specialize in hyping you up, making you feel like the most beautiful woman that you are, and having fun while shopping.  Because we know... sometimes shopping can be stressful.  

Sometimes our store pup, Pepper, is in-store shopping with you too!  Her schedule is pretty lenient though.  She needs naps 24/7.

Have any questions?  Email us at shoppeppercf@gmail.com!